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Course Summary

Offline Web applications sounds like an oxymoron, but it's been possible for several years via the support for Application Caches in modern browsers. This includes the mobile iOS and Android browsers as well as desktop browsers like Firefox and Chrome. With support for going offline in Internet Explorer 10, this feature is ready for you to start taking seriously.

What kind of applications can you actually write if you're "offline" and not able to make Ajax requests to your server? Don't worry, browsers are starting to include rich database engines that make it possible to store and query data when you don't have access to your server. Later, when back online, you can synchronize that locally stored data with the server.

This course guides you through the technologies that make this possible.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, you should be proficient in the following:

  • Research HTML5 specifications and browser support.
  • Learn what HTML5 really is (and it isn't).
  • Determine whether your users can use specific HTML5 features.
  • Use client-side data storage.
  • Learn about Web Storage.
  • Use Web SQL on mobile devices.
  • Use Indexed DB elsewhere.
  • Create an offline-enabled Web application.
  • Understand how application caches work.
  • Debug offline applications.
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Research HTML5 specifications and browser support
7 Activities | Time: 1h 9m | Types: Article (5) | Practice (1) | Video (1)
Use client-side data storage
9 Activities | Time: 2h 24m | Types: Article (8) | Practice (1)
Create an offline-enabled Web application
7 Activities | Time: 1h 30m | Types: Article (5) | Practice (1) | Video (1)